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#104 "What is the Legal Aid Foundation? "

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The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, known as LAFLA, is a nonprofit law firm that has provided free legal assistance to low-income people in Los Angeles County for more than seventy-five years. It receives mostly federal funding and some state and city funding.

Who is eligible for LAFLA's services?

In general, LAFLA is permitted to help only people whose incomes are below a level fixed by the federal government, and who live within LAFLA's geographic service area. LAFLA looks at total family income and assets, and also considers fixed debts and obligations, medical bills, child care expenses, and seasonal income variations. If you are on public assistance, AFDC, SSI, Social Security, unemployment, or are earning minimum wage, you are probably eligible for free legal assistance. All information you give to LAFLA is confidential and will not be given to anyone without your permission.

What Services Does LAFLA Provide?

LAFLA has five neighborhood offices, a fast-track office that handles evictions, another fast-track office that handles government benefits, and a family law counseling program in the courthouse.

In addition, one of LAFLA's offices houses the National Immigration Law Center. LAFLA does not handle criminal cases. Unfortunately, LAFLA cannot provide services in all civil areas, and cannot handle all cases for eligible clients. Depending on your legal problem, and their resources, your case may be accepted for service. The level of service may vary from consultation and advice, brief service such as telephone calls, letters, or negotiation, or assistance with filing papers, to representation at a hearing or in court.

The most common types of legal problems that LAFLA helps with are: evictions and foreclosures, government benefits, unemployment insurance and minimum wage violations, repossessions, and defenses to deportation proceedings.

How Can Yon Reach LAFLA?

You may call the toll-free number at (800) 399-4529.

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