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#111 Legal Services: Housing, landlord, tenant

mp3 #111 Legal Services for Landlord Tenant & Housing Problems (mp3 file)

This message provides information about legal services for landlord/tenant and housing problems. It lists several agencies in alphabetical order that provide legal assistance for landlord/tenant and housing problems. You may also check message number 119 for a list of legal clinics currently operating in L.A. County.

Unless otherwise indicated, to qualify for these services, clients must meet specific low-income guidelines and reside in Los Angeles County. It is important to call these legal service agencies first; many of them do not accept walk-in clients.

Agency #1. BET TZEDEK LEGAL SERVICES provides legal assistance landlord/tenant cases, public housing, home equity fraud prevention, and property deeds. Their phone number is (323) 939-0506 or visit them online at

Agency #2. CLINICA LEGAL provides legal assistance in Spanish. The initial consultation is free-of-charge but there is a sliding scale for all services. Their telephone number is (213) 727-2828. 

Agency #3. COMMUNITY LEGAL SERVICES provides free legal assistance for preparation of answers to unlawful detainers and stays of execution and notice to vacate. Free services are provided to residents of the Southeast area of Los Angeles County who meet financial guidelines. Call the Norwalk office at (562) 864-9935. Call the Compton office at (310) 638-5524.

Agency #4. The EVICTION DEFENSE CENTER OF THE LEGAL AID FOUNDATION (known as LAFLA) provides preparation of answers to unlawful detainers, and stays of execution on notices to vacate. They also hand out a free package of information for people who want to represent themselves, called a "pro per" package. Their telephone number is (800) 675-4332. To learn more about LAFLA, listen to message 104 or visit their webpage at

Agency #5. FAIR HOUSING FOUNDATION investigates housing discrimination, including suspected illegal discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, children, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, sexual preference, physical handicap, student status, or racially or religiously motivated vandalism and violence. Services are free to all residents of Los Angeles County. The telephone number for the Los Angeles area office is (323) 295-3302. For more information visit them online at

Agency #6. The LEGAL AID FOUNDATION OF LOS ANGELES (known as LAFLA) provides assistance with landlord/tenant matters, including home foreclosure fraud. Their telephone number is (213) 640-3381.  Or if you are calling from outside the 213 area, call their toll-free number at (800) 399-4529. For more information on LAFLA, check Message number 104 or visit

Agency #7. The INNER CITY LAW CENTER provides free legal services to residents of the Skid Row Area of Downtown Los Angeles and to the homeless. They specialize in slum housing litigation. Call (213) 891-2880 or visit them online at

Agency #8. LAMBDA LEGAL DEFENSE AND EDUCATION FUND handles housing discrimination does test case litigation involving lesbians, gays, and people with HIV in housing discrimination matters. Call 213-382-7600 for the Los Angeles office. For the national, toll-free hotline call (888) 843-4564 OR (888) THE-GLNH.

Agency #9. The LOS ANGELES CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE provides legal assistance for landlord/tenant matters. Free legal assistance is available to low-income residents of the East/Northeast Los Angeles who are at or below 125 % of the federal poverty levels. Their telephone number is (323) 980-3500. They are also online at

Agency #10. LOS ANGELES COUNTY HOUSING PROJECT provides assistance with filing papers in an eviction proceeding for people who are going to represent themselves in court. There is a scaled fee for preparation of court papers or a fee of $50 for a consultation only. Please bring cash or a money order with you when you come to the Project office. For more information about office location and appointments, call (213) 613-2760.

Agency #11. The LOS ANGELES HOUSING DEPARTMENT provides information about the rent stabilization ordinance and tenant’s rights. Their telephone number is (866) 557-RENT.

Agency #12. SAN FERNANDO VALLEY NEIGHBORHOOD LEGAL SERVICES provides legal assistance for evictions, failure of landlord to repair, illegal rents, harassment, relocation benefits, and rent control issues, and homeowner problems such as fraud and foreclosure. Services are free to residents of the northern portion of Los Angeles proper and Los Angeles County who qualify under low income Guidelines. Their telephone number is (818) 896-5211.

Agency #13. TENANT ACTION CENTER provides free service to all tenants residing in Los Angeles County. Donations are requested. Their telephone number is (310) 399-9255.


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