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If you wish to learn more about an area of California law in which you are interested, you may obtain low-cost publications, which are written for the ordinary person to understand. You do not have to be a lawyer to figure them out.

The State Bar of California has published a series of pamphlets on a variety of legal topics for California consumers. Single copies are free. Titles of the State Bar pamphlets include the following:

---How Do I Use The Small Claims Court?

---How Can I Find And Hire The Right Lawyer?

---What Can I Do If I Have A Problem With My Lawyer?

---How Do I Become A Lawyer?

---Do I Need A Will?

---Do I Need Estate Planning?

---Do I Need A Living Trust?

--What Are My Rights As An Employee?

---What Should I Know If I Am Arrested?

---What Should I Know Before I Rent?

---What Can I Do If I Can't Pay My Debts?

---What Should I Know About Divorce And Custody?

---What Should I Do If I Have An Auto Accident?

---Can The Client Security Fund Help You?

To order any of these pamphlets from the State Bar, call the Consumer Education Pamphlet Hotline at 888-875-LAWS, or by visiting them on the web at

Another source of low-cost publications about California law is the NOLO press in Berkeley, California, which has published many books, designed to give ordinary people direct access to the legal system. NOLO press books cost anywhere from ten dollars to fifty dollars, and they range in length up to 300 pages. NOLO press publications are regularly updated with new editions. Many of its books contain tear-out forms to use in court.

NOLO press books include the following titles about California law; as listed in alphabetical order:

--Beat The Nursing Home Trap; Or A Consumer's Guide To Choosing And Financing Long-Term Care.

--The California Non-Profit Corporation Handbook.

--The California Professional Corporation Handbook.

--Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Repay Your Debts.

--Child Custody: Or Building Parenting Agreements That Work.

--Collect Your Court Judgment: Or 19 Ways To Get Paid When You Win A Lawsuit.

--The Conservatorship Book.

--The Copyright Handbook.

--Copyright Your Software.

--Credit Repair.

--The Criminal Records Book.

--The Deeds Book

--Divorce And Money: Or How To Make The Best Financial Decisions During Divorce.

--Dog Law.

--Eight Ways To Avoid Probate.

--The Employer's Legal Handbook.

--Everybody's Guide To Small Claims Court In California.

--Fed Up With The Legal System? Or What's Wrong And How To Fix It.

--Fight Your Traffic Ticket--And Win!!!

--For Sale By Owner, Or How To Sell Your House Yourself.

--Form Your Own Limited Liability Company.

--Get A Life, Or You Don’t Need A Million To Retire Well.

--The Guardianship Book.

--Hiring Child Care And Household Help.

--Hiring Independent Contractors.

--Homestead Your House.

--How To Adopt Your Stepchild In California.

--How To Buy A House In California.

--How To Change Your Name.

--How To File For Bankruptcy.

--How To Form A California Non-Profit Corporation.

--How To Form Your Own California Corporation.

--How To Get A Green Card, Or Legal Ways To Stay In The U.S.A.

--The Green Card Book Is Published In An English Language Edition, And In A Spanish Language Edition.

--How To Handle Your Workers' Compensation Claim, Or A Complete Guide For Employees

--How To Mediate Your Dispute, Or Find A Solution Quickly And Cheaply Outside The Courtroom.

--How To Probate An Estate.

--How To Raise Or Lower Child Support In California.

--How To Start Your Own Business.

--How To Sue For Up To $25,000 --- And Win!!

--How To Win Your Personal Injury Claim.

--How To Write A Business Plan.

--The Independent Paralegal's Handbook.

--The Inventor's Notebook.

--The Landlord's Law Book, Volume One, Rights And Responsibilities.

--The Landlord's Law Book, Volume Two, Evictions.

--Law On The Net, Or Finding Legal Information On The Internet.

--Leases And Rental Agreements.

--A Legal Guide For Lesbian And Gay Couples.

--The Legal Guide For Starting And Running A Small Business.

--Legal Research, Or How To Find And Understand The Law.

--The Living Together Kit

--Mad At Your Lawyer?

--Make Your Own Living Trust.

--Marketing Without Advertising; A Guide For Small Businesses,

--Money Troubles, Or Legal Strategies To Cope With Your Debts.

--Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries And Noise.

--Nolo's Everyday Law Book, Or The Most Frequently Asked

--Legal Questions On Problems You Face Every Day. –NOLO’s Pocket Guide To California Law.

--NOLO’s Pocket Guide To Family Law.

--NOLO’s Simple Will Book.

--The Partnership Book, Or How To Write A Partnership Agreement.

--Patent, Copyright, And Trademark.

--Personal Bankruptcy, Or Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

--Plan Your Estate.

--The Quick And Legal Will Book.

--Rebuild Your Credit.

--Represent Yourself In Court.

--Safe Homes, Safe Neighborhoods, Or Stopping Crime Where You Live.

--Sexual Harassment On The Job.

--Simple Contracts For Personal Use.

--Smart Ways To Save Money During And After Divorce.

--Social Security, Medicare, And Pensions, Or Get The Most Out Of Your Retirement And Medical Benefits.

--Software Development, A Legal Guide.

--Stand Up To The IRS.

--Taking Care Of Your Corporation, Volume One, Director And Shareholder Meetings Made Easy.

--Taking Care Of Your Corporation, Volume Two, Key Corporate Decisions Made Easy.

--Tax Savvy For Small Business.

--Tenants' Rights.

--Trademark, How To Name Your Business And Product.

--Trouble-Free Travel --- And What To Do When Things Go Wrong.

--U.S. Immigration Made Easy.

--Your Rights In The Workplace.

NOLO press books may be ordered with your credit card by telephone Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7pm pacific standard time at 1-800-728-3555. You can also visit for more information.

NOLO press also publishes a quarterly law newsletter containing various articles and descriptions of all the books.

NOLO press books may be purchased at bookstores, or you may order them and the quarterly newsletter from NOLO press, 950 Parker Street, Berkeley, California 94710, telephone 1-800-728-3555.

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